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The SmartMEX response to the world where lines between fixed and mobile are being removed and businesses increasingly look for a single solution to manage all of their calls. We took a brave decision to waive fixed lines and terminals in entirety and create fully mobile solution, built from ground up for the world where fixed lines and desk phones are the thing of the past and employees are truly mobile. SmartMEX packs all of the features of PBX, but operates exclusively in mobile network, providing full freedom of mobile communication for your customers.

Smartmex features
MOBILE NATIVE > crystal clear calls
SMARTMEX calls are always terminated using native mobile voice transmission capabilities. Call audio quality does not depend on data networks. Calls sound as good as any other mobile call on your network
100% SELF SERVICEABLE > less need customer service involvement
Self-care UI was developed with a non-technical end-user in mind. Customers are able to handle all of system management duties themselves
WHITE LABELED > strong brand identity
SMARTMEX self-care web and smartphone application was developed to be fully branded according to look and feel of MNOs identity , leading to higher brand recognition
MODERN UX > seamless interaction
End-user call management features are provided through smartphone applications with beautiful and native UX. Our service removes all of the obstacles in interacting with the call system: no USSD menus, no DTMF sequences or dialing prefixes
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Additional revenue stream

Short time to market

Scalable SaaS business model

Expand your B2B market

Strengthen your brand identity

Reduce CHURN


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Our focus – is to enable our partners to have as fast go-to-market as possible. The SmartMEX platform is turnkey solution to start providing convergent voice solutions, while using your existing infrastructure. By partnering with us to provide this service to your customers, you will be able to grow your business.


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