Distinct differentiation

The risk of telecommunication commoditization once preached by consultants is a reality now faced by almost every mobile operator. Years of experience working with mobile operators has enabled us to create SmartMEX platform in a way which aligns with operators expectations of providing a unique value proposition for their B2B customers without usual associated operational burden.


Freedom to be mobile


Full PBX functionality over GSM


Guaranteed call quality


Easy self-care


Seamless interaction

Stop loosing sales opportunities

Be reachable anytime, anywhere

Improve customer satisfaction

Streamline calls to the right person in your organisation

Organize your company calls

Reduce unanswered call rate by 20%

Interactive voice response

automatic voice prompt menu for the communication with the customers

Call statistics

information about the incoming, outgoing, unanswered and lost calls


management of phone numbers using Smart mobile exchange browser

Call records

record and play the conversations between the employees and the customers

Presence functionality

automatic distribution of the incoming calls; also to follow up on the live workload of the peers

Voice mail

voice mail messages that will be received by the employees on their mobile phones

Out of office

change the rules of the movement of the calls for the certain time period

Working hours control

set the working hours of the company. For example, to let leave the voice messages after the working hours

Change of the number

call to the customers and display the fixed-line phone numbers as the dialer

Offer unique solution for your customers