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Dedicated to the future of telephony

As the saying goes – rather than waiting for your competitors to drive you out of business with a new product, build the product yourself. 

And that's exactly what we did

15 years in telephony

70% of B2B clients in operating markets

4 years of UX R&D

SmartMEX is the future of business telephony

with so many businesses still relying on fixed SMBs and technologies of the past, there is a need for bringing telephony into the latest century.

Mobile extension (MEX) in the ’00s was a good idea, but the hundreds of codes were impossible to remember.
VOIP  is easy to use, but is only as good as your internet connection. Risky, and not built with businesses in mind.
SmartMEX  fills the gap – the convenience of VOIP combined with the internet-independence of MEX.
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